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“Trading For A Living”  is a pure training firm today, that “spun-out” in 2011 from a stock broking entity that is a licensed sub broker of a leading broking house.  We are a team of Ex- bankers and IT professionals who joined hands with the sub-broker, and initially started out with a prop-desk division. Over time, we noticed that while the prop desk survived, the untrained, independent customer base underwent tremendous churn. These customers came in starry eyed about making money in the stock market, took to tips from various sources and then eventually lost money and stopped trading. The broking firm hence was constantly required to get new customers while the old ones were steadily waning away. The speed of “acquiring new customers” had to always be more than “the shelf life of a customer”.

On a sustainability factor, this wasn’t a good situation to be in. These individual customers were losing money and with them the firm was losing brokerage. We looked around and realized that this was the story with all broking firms. 2011 was one of the worst years for Indian stock markets that scared majority of customers away. Many brokers and sub brokers across companies were resorting to desperate measures. They were issuing tips and earning a deal for survival was taking precedence over customer’s well being.

We took a step back to review the situation and finally decided that no matter how harsh the environment got, we will not get into issuing tips, nor call customers to make them trade for the sake of brokerage. We would rather acquire only those customers, who are serious about making money and who are prepared to learn how to do that. To this segment of serious wanna-be professional traders/ investors, we will provide support and services like none else would.  We decided that we wanted to work only with

  1. A selected class of people, not the masses and
  2. Carve for ourselves a niche in providing an exceptional trading & investment decisions support system that would be valued by those who are serious about working towards growing wealth and becoming financially free.

“Trading for a Living” emerged out of this thought process. For over a year, we interacted and worked closely with many successful traders and investors worldwide and built a compilation of trading techniques and investment methods of those who had, in the last 100 years, made it really big in the stock markets amidst the same conditions that exist today and developed this understanding into a workshop program. Simultaneously, we searched for successful traders/investors who not only had made a success for themselves at the markets but who also could teach well from their practical experience. Our main criterion was to search for people who could purely live off the markets. We wanted our customers to learn from people who have walked the path themselves and succeeded at it. Not from those who had only theoretical knowledge. Once we identified our trainers who met our criteria and agreed to share their experiences, we then worked with them closely to bring final shape to our workshop module.

After spinning out “Trading for a Living”as an independent firm, we conducted our first workshop in Mumbai in Apr 2011 and the response was overwhelming. With every workshop thereafter, the content, delivery and post workshop support was further improved and this is now a part of our continuous improvement process.

We neither roll out tips, nor do we accept customers who are not trained in the business of trading / investing.  We intend to keep this so, because we desire to create a group of “valued customers” all of whom share a passion to grow wealth, who are knowledgeable and whose views, thoughts, research and experience is constantly leveraged for the benefit of the entire core customer base. We are creating a community of well informed, experienced investors and traders who are together creating an environment that is devoid of marketing gimmicks, shares the truth and constantly supports and challenges everyone to keep learning and growing.

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