Our Approach

Broadly speaking, three things are needed to make significant money from the stock markets – Skill, Knowledge and Capital. For most people, by the time they reach a stage in life where they can deploy capital, they rarely are left with the time to acquire the skill and knowledge. Juggling between that precious job, the business and family… time is never enough to open a new frontier.

In such a state, when someone shows that one easy trick to riches from the market, it’s natural to feel tempted towards it. But if a few easy tricks/techniques could make significant money, then no one would remain poor.

Reality is –When tricks don’t work, time tested principles will be invaluable!

Looking at legendary stock traders and investors the world has seen over 100+ years, it is easy to notice that their styles may have been different, but the underlying principles of trading and investing were exactly the same! It is our constant endeavor to stick with and benchmark ourselves against these very time tested principles that have worked for hundreds of really successful traders and investors in stock markets around the world.


Understanding these time tested principles may be relatively easy, just as any subject in theory could be, but imbibing them, internalizing them will take time and effort from those who wish to make significant, consistent money from the markets. That is an undeniable truth. But it is equally true, that desire to make money from markets is one thing, having the time to learn, imbibe and apply is another thing.


It is this dilemma between wanting to learn how to, but not having enough time to keep at it is what we try to help with. We cannot reduce the time it takes to really imbibe, internalize these principles but we can surely walk with you through the journey, be available to you during those small time pockets you may be able to spare on a daily basis to make it easily possible for you to get to your goal.


We organize workshops during weekends and holidays, so your job/business is not disturbed and thereafter we stay in touch with you via our decision support tools that take away all the time consuming drudgery of data crunching, scanning and research that is needed to prepare for a trade or investment. So when you are back from work, you don’t have to take time away from family or other engagements. You can spend just few minutes everyday imbibing and internalizing what you learnt in the workshops as you see the principles unfold live with the markets, and – You earn while you learn!